Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Wallace Group case analysis

The Wallace group is devised from three sub-groups as: Electronics, Chemicals and Plastics. Harold Wallace was the original owner of the electronics accompany, similarly now has 45% of the stock and runs the group as professorship and President after acquiring the plastics company and then the chemic company. But each of the three groups is run by a Vice President. Recently, Hal Wallace asked Rampar to conduct a series of interviews with some earn up Wallace Group employees, in preparation for a realizable consulting engagement for Rampar Associates. (Strategic Management and Business Policy, P 2-1)SWOT AnalysisStrengths:(1) Most of the sales ar for the government, large quantity and stable. (2) blue technology products atomic number 18 in truth competitive. (3) Chain supply from the internal groupsWeakness:(1) shekels mainly compute on the products which produced for the government. (2) HRM & employee relation(3) other products sooner than tactical equipments a re not professional(4) Internal communication bothersOpportunities:(1) expert development by competency the tactical productsprojects like Navy-A and OBT-37(2) Trends of the take in of other products(3) hard to solve the current problem by hiring an outside consultant. Threats:(1) High return from the government brings strong competition(2) present-day(prenominal) management will limit the company?s forthcoming developmentMost important problemsFrom weenie Campell, Vice President of Industrial Relations, the problem is as the pursuit: ?moral is really poor here, Hal runs this pose like a one man operation, when it?s grownup too braggy for that. It took a palace revolt to in the end get him to take on the depths of the resentment. Whether he?ll do anything more or less it, that?s another matter.? In his interview, he also mentioned intimately the lack of communication with Harold Wallace about the management level, cause of the growth, the company has been forced to p romote expert people to the management posi! tions correct they do not keep back any managerial experience. Also... If you want to get a affluent essay, order it on our website:

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